Please fill the application details in the below form which will help us to design Seals according to your specification. Please indicate if any particular seal design is preferred.


APPLICATION :- Rotary Shaft Seals


Diameter:mm min               mm max

Material:                               Hardness:HRC

Surface Roughness:-

Ra:mm                                   Rmax:mm

Type Of Finish:

Chamfer Information:


Position:Horizontal     Vertical Angle

Rotation:Clockwise     Anticlockwise    bi-rotational

Rotation Cycle:Time On     Time Off

Other Shaft Motion

Reciprocation Length Of Stroke: mm

Cycles Per Minute:

Oscillation Magnitude(degrees):

Cycles Per Minute:

Oscillation Cycle:-Time On:    Time Off:

Additional Information :-

(Existance Of Splines,holes,keyways etc)

Housing Information :-

Diameter:mm            Bore Depth:mm


Surface Roughness:   Ra:mm        Rmax:mm

Chamfer Information:   Ra:

Housing Rotation if applicable :-
Direction:                Speed:

Type Of Fluid :        Grade:

Fluid Tempreture : Normal

min:                         max:

Fluid Level :            Fluid Pressure:


Housing Bore to Shaft Ecentricity :

Shaft Runout:

External Conditions

External Pressure :

Material to be excluded(dust,mud,water,etc):